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Drug Coupons

Drug Coupons

Drug Manufacturer Savings Programs

The medications listed below have discounts and savings sponsored by the manufacturers or other providers.

Each program and coupon is different, so select the one that’s right for you. 

Once you have the coupon or savings voucher or whatever instrument you are provided to save with, return to Garden State Specialty Pharmacy to save on your medication prescriptions. 

Johnson & Johnson

Patient Assistance Foundation – www.JJPAF.org – Help for those without medical or prescription coverage


Manufacturer savings program – As little as $5 per month for brand name Abilify.

50% Off Coupon – Use Member ID: 34269DACA85 RX BIN: 610709 RX GRoup: RXCPNMN  


Jansen CarePath Savings Program – Lower your out-of-pocket expenses for Edurant

Edurant Rebate Form

Prescription Assistance – http://www.janssenprescriptionassistance.com/edurant-cost-assistance


Jansen CarePath Savings Program – Lower your out-of-pocket expenses for Remicade

Pay $5 per infusion – https://remicade.janssencarepathsavings.com/#/app/basic/enroll

Already enrolled? Activate your card


Jansen CarePath Savings Program – Lower your out-of-pocket costs with their program

Jansen CarePath Rebate Form

If you do not have insurance, check out JanssenPrescriptionAssistance.com

Simponi Aria

Pay $5 per infusion – https://simponiaria.janssencarepathsavings.com/#/app/home




Prescription Assistance – http://www.JanssenPrescriptionAssistance.com/SimponiAria


Medical Benefit Rebate Form

Pay $5 per dose – https://stelara.janssencarepathsavings.com/#/app/basic/enroll

Savings Program Patient Enrollment Form

Already enrolled? Activate your card


Need a discount card? Click here to enroll

Already have a card? Click here to activate

Tremfya Rebate Form

Tremfya Prescription Assistance Program


Pay no more than $10 per month – Enroll in Program

Prescription Assistance – http://www.janssenprescriptionassistance.com/zytiga-cost-assistance