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Complete Pharmacy Services

Empire Specialty Pharmacy is the one place for all your pharmacy needs including specialty medication and injectables.

Empire Specialty Pharmacy is here to help patients stick to your treatment plan. We also help you get patients enrolled quickly with our easy to use enrollment forms.  By using our pharmacy you will be saving time and resources because we can help with patient enrollment, insurance verification, patient support and education.

We are pleased to provide:

  • Condition-specific patient enrollment forms.
  • Fast turn around on new referrals.
  • Benefits verification and coordination (including Medicaid, Medicare and Medicare Part D)
  • Exceptional quality of care.
  • Prior authorization help with status updates to you and your patients.
  • Professional service to assist your staff.
  • Patient care advocate.
  • Insurance verification.
  • Prior-Authorization assistance.
  • Ongoing clinical support.
  • Nursing support.
  • Complete patient treatment education.
  • 24 service available after hours.
  • Delivery service
  • Easy phone and fax enrollment

Enrollment Forms

Contact a Sales Representative at 1 (877) 236-2170 to learn what Empire Specialty Pharmacy can provide you.