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Patient Services

Personalized Services and Care

The Empire Pharmacy Team will assist you in managing your health care paperwork. We specialize in fast filing of your insurance claims as well as acting as your advocate in solving insurance claim issues.


Maintenance Medications

Empire Specialty Pharmacy is your choice for superior customer service for all your pharmacy needs. We specialize in personalized patient support services. We work with all major health insurance plans to provide medication management programs for our patients.

The Empire Pharmacy Team is here to insure you get the best results from your medication regimen:

  • Teaching you to take and administer your medications as directed by your physician
  • Monitoring any medication side effects
  • Monitoring your response to therapy
  • Counseling you on your medications
  • Coordinating new and refill prescriptions
  • Working with your insurer so you get the medication you need


Quality Care in Every Prescription

 Empire Specialty Pharmacy provides our patients with a comprehensive disease management plan that includes access to a complete library of  drug information and counseling as well as coordinating with third party insurance benefits. The Empire Specialty team is dedicated to providing excellent quality care medical services that are tailored to each of our patients specific needs.

Medication Access and Reliability

Our team recognizes the importance of patients accessing their medications right away. Empire Specialty Pharmacy maintains a full line of medications, injectables, and nutritionals so our patients do not  face interruptions in therapy.

Expert Drug Therapy Management

Our highly trained pharmacists are proficient in disease state management and provide one on one counseling. They have expertise and comprehensive knowledge regarding drug therapy, duration, interactions, medication related complications, and co-morbidity management.

Insurance and Billing

At Empire Specialty Pharmacy, reimbursement specialists handle all benefit issues. We gladly assist in prior authorization approvals.

Medication Delivery

 Empire Specialty Pharmacy insures that patients receive their medications on time. We provide complimentary shipping to the following states: DELAWARE, NEW JERSEY, CONNECTICUT, FLORIDA, OHIO, MISSOURI, NEW YORK. Shipping is directly to patient’s homes with proper storage. Empire Specialty Pharmacy provides patients with all necessary items for medical condition management.

Continuation of Care

 Our team becomes a consistent member in the appropriate management of our patients medical conditions. Empire Specialty Pharmacy plays an active role by providing continued communication with providers regarding medication management.