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Patient Education

Patient Services

The Empire Pharmacy Team will assist you in managing your health care paperwork. We specialize in fast filing of your insurance claims as well as acting as your advocate in solving insurance claim issues.

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Patient Education

  Empire Specialty Pharmacy is your choice for superior customer service for all your pharmacy needs. We specialize in personalized patient support services. We work with all major health insurance plans to provide medication management programs for our patients.
       The Empire Pharmacy Team is here to insure you get the best results from your medication regimen:
•Teaching you to take and administer your medications as directed by your physician
•Monitoring any medication side effects
•Monitoring your response to therapy
•Counseling you on your medications
•Coordinating new and refill prescriptions
•Working with your insurer so you get the medication you need

Check out our patient handouts to read online or print and read.

Patient Forms

Use the above link to access our credit card authorization form, complaint form and patient satisfaction survey.

Drug Coupons

This link navigates you to a page that provides listings of money-saving drug manufacturer coupons so you can save more on medications.


Your information is safe with us. Empire Specialty Pharmacy maintains your privacy through various protocols designed to keep you safe.

Welcome Packet

Everything you need when you start exploring our pharmacy and the resources available from Empire Specialty Pharmacy.

Medication Disposal

Learn the proper way to discard unused medication that is no longer needed. Proper disposal of medications helps reduce accidents.

Directions to Take Medications

A quick reference of various directions to help you understand how you should be taking your medications and/or supplements.

Tips For Taking Medications

A page dedicated to providing tons of great information to help you get the most benefits available from your medications.

Books to Read

Links to a page that lists helpful books to read about various health conditions and what you need to know.

Healthy Recipes

A collection of delicious recipes you can make at home that are good for you and are made to support various health conditions you might be dealing with.


Frequently asked questions and the standard answers  you can expect from anyone of Empire Specialty Pharmacy’s trained staff.


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